Le Corps accordé
Tuned Body

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Towards a meaningful approach
to health and self-care

A book by Andréine Bel

Learning from the Involuntary
My practice of Yukidō
Sources and Confluences of Seitai

▶ 3d edition, April 2022

Yukidō (愉気道) is the intersection of two approaches of hands-on healing: bone-setting and seitai (整体) which the author has researched for thirty years. Neither medicine nor alternative therapy, this practice of care invites you to discover sensations as a tool for checking the skills of living beings.

The founders of seitai in Japan investigated the therapeutic effect of movements induced by the extrapyramidal motor system. Realizing the potential of the Involuntary will be for the reader an inexhaustible source of reflection and empowerment, enabling a sensitive approach to hands-on healing.

Yukidō practice is illustrated by many examples of taking care of benign chronic conditions that usually resist interventionist care.

At a time the “augmented body” is becoming the norm for our species, a rehabilitation of the involuntary is a landmark for a return of human nature facing the transhuman and posthuman dreams which are trying to control it.

This book is for everyone, physicians, patients, therapists, parents, philosophers and simple explorers of unknown paths, not forgetting the dancers who will enjoy new material for creativity.

A seitai (katsugen sōhō) practitioner and bone-setter, Andréine Bel conducts experimental collaborative research workshops on health and yukidō.

Updated 14/04/2022 (v14)

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